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Introducing The Guru Package

By September 29, 2015October 1st, 2015News

The greatest investment you can make for your small or medium sized business is to bring it further into the digital age. The evolution of technology is increasing at a rapid pace day-by-day leaving even large businesses in the dark. If there is one thing we can do, it’s to bring transparency and scheduled updates to the online sector of your business in the form of revamped websites and web applications.

You may be asking:

Why do I need to update my website?

Powerful search engines such as Google have recently changed the process of ranking websites on their search engine. Tools that we provide help account for these changes such as Encryption, True Mobile-Friendliness, and Page Speed. Mobile devices account for the majority of online web searches and it is important that your website has a true and updated mobile experience.

We’ve heard the stories about small mom and pop shops, who had incredible products and a bright future, only to get overtaken by a company with an inferior product because they had an incredible online marketing campaign.

Why do I even need a website when I’m doing fine with Instagram and Facebook?

First of all, you should be using more social media tools than just Instagram and Facebook. Secondly, a website is just that, a social media tool. New websites have the ability to interconnect with your social media accounts bringing in substantial amounts of traffic to your entire web presence.

We are seeing huge traffic spikes on websites such as and because they have an established social media marketing campaign. With the addition of customized WAPP web applications, for social sharing and calendar purposes, these companies become more powerful.

Turn your website and blog into your own social network that helps you and your marketing team grow your business. Customize your company the way you want it to run online, and let us deliver the tools and designs to help make that happen.

Also, web applications integrating Google Maps found on have proven to be a successful tool for marketing their billboard locations.

The Guru

We take pride in our work and strive to continually deliver the best WordPress websites with the future in mind. Our Guru package is a competitively priced package that will blow your mind. As a starter package, we do our very best to make your company cool on the internet.  We even offer additional add-ons such as eCommerce, Extended SEO, Seamless Design, Forums, Social Networking, and Map Geo-Location.

If you can use Facebook and Instagram, you will have no problem using your WordPress website. This package is designed to be updated by us and maintained by you and/or your marketing team. We provide mandatory security, framework, support, and design updates once a month to keep your website from falling behind in the times. You provide the daily content updates needed to keep your business unique.

We have a solution for Hosting, Email, and Domain services that keeps costs low. Our number one priority is to protect the intellectual property of you and your business.

So make the investment today. It will pay off. Many people are reluctant and fearful of change but once they see the results… the fear is gone.

– Taylor Latch – CEO of WAPP

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