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Productivity Apps Review – Forest

Who knew that keeping a digital tree from dying could be so motivating? That's what the Forest app available for Chrome (free), Android, and iOS can do for you. I personally started using this extension for Chrome over a year ago and it's helped me…
Taylor Latch
August 14, 2018

11.1.2016 – The OM Entrepreneur Exposition

Join us for the OM Entrepreneur Exposition on November 1st, 2016! Click Here to Register. The inaugural OM Entrepreneur Exposition will showcase innovative technologies and art that local entrepreneurs are creating right here in Lafayette. The OM Expo will take place on November 1 at…
Taylor Latch
October 22, 2016

Top 5 Ways To Market Your Business Online

Social Media Everyone needs to be on social media these days. And it’s not enough to just be on one, you need to be on all of them. The 5 MUSTS: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram. You’ll also need to post frequently. Can’t afford to…
Hunter Faugot
March 3, 2016